Let ‘s setup and start preparing for the New Year holidays!

Today for you is a pattern from the magazine Album of sketches of clothing models with a cut, Leningrad, 1959.

👗model: silk dress
author: Gubanova O.F.
designer: Tarnenok R.S.

Base size 48, height 3

Gradation made by the beam method for sizes 444648.

💥model description:
Elegant dress made of silk poplin.

The middle part of the front of the dress is detachable at the waist in the assembly.

The ends of a wide belt tied with a bow are sewn into the seam of the middle part of the dress.

The sleeve is a short kimono with a gusset.

The back of the dress is in two parts, with a one-sided pleat, finished with darted loops and buttons.

Easy assembly along the neckline and a large lagging collar.

Happy tailoring!