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Interesting DIY paper crafts: Introducing new ideas, printables and inspirations for free.

Paper is one of the most affordable and versatile material used for creativity. Ease of processing, coloring, decoration, cutting, bending and glueing, a variety of floral and decorative characteristic makes it possible to create interesting paper products across all age groups. Such activities promotes the development of imaginative thinking, attentiveness, perseverance, imagination and creativity. Check out for paper crafts that are feasible for both adults and childrens.

What is a Digital Pattern?

Many have heard the term “Digital Patterns” but not everyone knows the advantages of it, starting with the fact that you can purchase it instantly from anywhere in the world. A digital pattern is the fastest and most effective way to acquire any pattern at the comfort of your home.

Designers or individualistic pattern houses tend to use a basic pdf format and design their patterns in Adobe Illustrator or any CAD Software.  Adobe pdf reader which is usually already installed on computers is all you need.  Most will also have a scale test page that you can print to make sure that it’s printing correctly.  A word of warning:  Always download and then print the pattern. DO NOT print it from your internet browser as scaling can go wrong while printing.


Here you will find a wide variety of free digital patterns and downloads for Babies, Children, Women, Men, Home Accessories and much more! Free sewing patterns are a great way to try your hand at sewing and especially for those who have no experience in needlework yet.

With free patterns, you can easily please yourself and your loved ones with new stylish clothes and accessories without spending fortune on paid patterns.


Online patterns are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of having to print and ship patterns out, many designs opt for selling PDF patterns instead that their customer downloads instead. Printing these patterns can seem tricky, but it is really quite simple. There is a trick to getting them printed just right, however; if you don’t pay attention to the scale, you could end up with a pattern that is too small or too big! Learn more…


Sewing brings happiness! And here you don’t run out of sewing ideas, check out countless free patterns here, where you can find a lot of inspiration! Browse with free patterns for clothing, children’s objects, accessories and bags and choose your next sewing project. Get your sewing machine ready and get started!

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