Step into the world of versatile fashion with The Free Luna Tank, a wardrobe essential that’s not just for summer! While it’s undeniably perfect for warm weather, you’d be surprised at how seamlessly this design transitions into your year-round style arsenal.

The Luna tank offers two length options, including a chic cropped view that effortlessly pairs with high-waisted garments for an on-trend look. What sets Luna apart is its adaptability, featuring two options for finishing the arm and neck openings. You can choose between a knit band left exposed for a casual flair (view A) or turned under for a polished finish (view B). Mix and match these finishes and lengths to create a Luna that suits your unique style.

Simplicity meets practicality with Luna, boasting a design that requires only one pattern piece for both the front and back. Printing and cutting out Luna is a breeze, making it an ideal project for sewists of all levels. The flared shape provides ample ease for the bust, waist, and hips, ensuring a comfortable fit that doesn’t compromise on style.

What makes Luna truly stand out is its playful design – the sides scoop upwards, and the raw hem allows for maximum swish and swing, adding a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe. Effortless, comfortable, and speedy to create, Luna doesn’t demand much fabric (just 1-2 meters depending on size), making it a practical choice for building a collection of go-to garments.

Join us in discovering the year-round charm of The Free Luna Tank – a design that effortlessly combines simplicity, comfort, and style, proving that fashion can be both versatile and accessible.