Unveil the epitome of night time luxury with Sweet Dreams, a long nightgown sewing pattern designed for the ultimate in comfort and style. Crafted for those who appreciate a good night’s sleep, this women’s nightgown offers tranquility and plush softness when tailored from your favorite fabrics. Choose thin merino or silk wool for a luxurious touch or opt for bamboo or interlock tricot for a softer, skin-friendly experience. The ankle-length gown features a beautifully curved rounded hem at the front and back, ensuring a comfortable fit that doesn’t constrict during the night. Designed with short sleeves, the Sweet Dreams dress exudes elegance, with a slightly longer hem at the back and cuffs finished with a subtle turn. The double narrow strip on the neckline prevents bulkiness, while the curved side seams add a flattering touch. Suitable for flexible cotton-elastane tricot, this pattern is available in women’s sizes 32-56, ensuring a lifetime of cozy nightgowns for the entire family. Embrace the art of self-care by sewing your own Sweet Dreams nightgown and enjoy peaceful nights enveloped in luxurious comfort.