This versatile and stylish blouse features a unique sleeve design that adds flair to a classic silhouette, making it perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The relaxed fit ensures comfort while the distinctive sleeves provide a fashionable twist.

This project is ideal for both experienced sewists and beginners, with a free pattern available in sizes 36-44 and a detailed step-by-step video tutorial. The tutorial guides you through each stage of the process, from cutting the fabric to sewing the final seams, ensuring your blouse turns out perfectly.

Ready to get started? Download the free sewing pattern and watch the comprehensive video tutorial at [this link]. With clear instructions and helpful visuals, creating your own beautiful blouse has never been easier.

By making this Japanese Sleeve Blouse, you’ll not only gain a stylish new piece but also improve your sewing techniques. Gather your materials, follow the tutorial, and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting a chic and unique blouse that you’ll love to wear.