Introducing  free sewing pattern for baby undies, available in sizes 62-98! Perfect for little ones, these undies are not only practical but also adorable. The pattern comes with a detailed picture tutorial, making it easy for both beginners and experienced sewists to create comfortable, well-fitting underwear for babies. Handmade baby undies offer a soft and comfortable alternative to store-bought options, allowing for customization with cute patterns and colors that your little one will love. The pattern includes sizes 62-98 and recommends using soft, breathable fabrics like cotton to ensure comfort. Simply download the PDF pattern, gather your materials, and follow the picture tutorial to guide you through each step of the sewing process. Creating baby undies with this free pattern is a fun and rewarding project that results in adorable, customized underwear for your little one. Download the pattern today and start sewing a set of comfy, cute undies that your baby will adore!