Skirt with or without ruffles – two free patterns to sew yourself!

You can always use a pattern for a skirt, right? If you download thiss Margo Skirt pattern, you’ll get not just one, but two. Because this pattern comes with two skirt variants: a very simple one for a skirt with a zipper in the center back and one with a ruffle. You can sew one skirt clean or pimp yourself with ruffles or pockets, or you use the front dividing seam for a button placket, or do you go for the more playful version with ruffles, maybe in a flowery chiffon? Don’t worry, the pattern also includes furter pattern parts, so you can also use super transparent fabrics.

One cut – two skirts! Either very simple, tailored to the waist with a zipper in the center back and a narrow waistband. Or with a sophisticated ruffle that runs from the front dividing seam along the hem to the back dividing seam and gives the skirt a romantic, playful look. If you want to line the skirt, the pattern comes with lining patterns.

Multi -size pattern :
34 / 36 / 38 / 40 / 42 / 44 / 46