Introducing a simple yet chic trouser pattern featuring a gather and a looser fit, with narrow legs that ensure the perfect fit for your little one. Ideal for sizes 74-92, and easily extendable for slimmer girls up to size 104 by adding 5 cm to one size – making it versatile and accommodating to different body types.

This tried-and-tested cut guarantees comfort and a fashionable look, and the simplicity of the pattern makes it perfect for beginners. To guide you through the process a step-by-step photo guide of the components, making each sewing step a breeze to follow.

For your convenience, the pattern is delivered in PDF form via internal mail, formatted on A4 in black and white for easy printing. Simply glue the components together after printing and get ready to create stylish and comfortable trousers that your child will love. Download pattern now and embark on a sewing journey that combines simplicity with elegance!