Instructions including template as a PDF file

What we need:

Round timber from the hardware store or wooden curtain rods

Colorful socks


bands of different widths

Wool and scraps of felt


scissors and glue


Saw the curtain rods. Stuff a sock really tight and shape it like a horse’s head.
Download and cut out the templates for the ears and eyes. Cut out ears and eyes using the felt templates. Sew the button pupils to the head on the eyes.

Sew on the ears with embroidery thread. Embroider the mouth with black thread.

If you want, you can also embroider eyelashes on the eyes with black thread.

Then attach the mane. To do this, cut the wool into 5-6 cm long and 10-15 cm long pieces and, starting at the top, pull a thick needle through the sock until half of the wool thread is reached, then knot it. Use the short pieces for the upper section and then get longer and longer.
Repeat this until a beautiful lush mane is attached to the head.

Then attach the halter and reins. Everything has to be sewn up by hand. At the very end, check again whether everything is tight and whether filling cotton needs to be added again.

When everything is stuffed nice and tight, tie the bottom end with a ribbon around the pole.
Optionally, the stick can be painted – to match the horse and its colors.