Giselle will be a versatile and elegant addition to your wardrobe, Shkatulka-Sew offers a free pattern for a double-sided women’s slip dress. This pattern is available in EUR sizes 50 (US 20, height 176-180 cm), 60 (US 30, height 166-170 cm), and 68 (US 38, height 171-175 cm). To receive these sizes, simply add them to your cart on the Shkatulka-Sew website, and after placing your order, they will be available in your personal account for free.

The slip dress features a small volume, semi-fitting silhouette that widens from the knee line downwards. It is lined for added comfort and style. The front of the dress includes chest darts originating from the side seams, a shaped neckline, and lace-up straps that pass through decorative eyelets on the front neckline. The back of the dress has a middle seam, contributing to its clean and streamlined look. Designed without a fastening, this dress is easy to slip on and off.

One of the standout features of this dress is its double-sided design. The top and lining of the dress are made from materials of identical quality but in different colors, allowing you to wear it as a reversible dress. This feature not only adds versatility to your wardrobe but also makes the dress suitable for various occasions. The sample dress is sewn from artificial silk, providing a smooth and luxurious feel.

The model used for fitting has parameters of height 168 cm, chest circumference 83 cm, waist circumference 62 cm, and hip circumference 96 cm. The selected pattern size was 42 for height 166-170 cm, with adjustments made in the hip area according to the model’s measurements.

Patterns include seam allowances, indicated by a double outline. However, you can independently change the width of the allowances based on the properties of your selected material or personal preferences.

To explore the slip dress pattern and access these free sizes, visit the Shkatulka-Sew website. Happy sewing!