The Ellis Envelope Case—a stylish and versatile bag that exudes simplicity in various captivating designs. Lined and secured with a press stud (or magnetic closure) at the front, Ellis is not just a bag; it’s a multifunctional accessory. Use it as a pencil case for your children, transform it into a chic clutch for yourself, or give your tablet a fresh look with a version perfectly tailored for most tablets. Need a stylish laptop case? We’ve got you covered with versions for both 13 inches and 18 inches. As an extra touch, each version features a colorblock design, with a special accent at the bottom right corner (or left, if you rotate your pattern piece). Whether you prefer leather, canvas, tablecloth, oilskin, or other materials, Ellis invites you to infuse your unique touch into this simple yet elegant accessory. Elevate your style with the Ellis Envelope Case—where simplicity meets versatility in the most delightful way!