This Jeans Bermuda is comfortable yet stylish and designed for a trendy look and ultimate functionality. The two front pockets add a practical touch to this wardrobe essential. I have provided a step by step sewing instruction since I didn’t get the original source and instruction, I guide you through the process of creating your own pair, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable DIY experience. Follow these step-by-step sewing instructions to create your own pair of relaxed and laid-back denim shorts that adapt to your body’s curves:

Materials Needed:
– Denim fabric (yardage based on selected size)
– Matching thread
– Jeans zipper
– Sewing machine
– Scissors
– Pins
– Denim or heavy-duty needle


First download the pattern here.

1. Pattern Preparation:
– Ensure you have selected the correct size (Sizes 34 to 38) for a perfect fit.
– Cut out the pattern pieces, making sure to transfer any markings onto the fabric.

2. Fabric Cutting:
– Lay out your denim fabric and carefully cut the pieces according to the pattern.
– Pay attention to the grainline for optimal fit and fabric drape.

3. Front and Back Panels:
– Sew the front and back panels together at the side seams using a 5/8-inch seam allowance.
– Finish the raw edges with a serger or zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.

4. Zipper Installation:
– Attach the jeans zipper to the front panel following the pattern guidelines.
– Topstitch the zipper in place for a polished finish.

5. Pockets:
– Position the front pockets on the shorts, ensuring they align correctly.
– Securely stitch the pockets in place, reinforcing the edges for durability.

6. Inseam and Crotch Seams:
– Sew the inseam and crotch seams, carefully matching the notches and easing any curves.

7. Hemming:
– Fold and press the bottom edge of the shorts to create a clean hem.
– Stitch the hem in place, ensuring even stitching around the entire circumference.

8. Final Touches:
– Trim any loose threads and give your denim shorts a final press for a polished look.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your Women’s Jeans Bermuda – a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe. Embrace the comfort and confidence that come with this tailored, curve-hugging design. Enjoy wearing your handmade shorts on casual walks or during meetups with friends, showcasing your personalized touch to fashion.

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