When it comes to fashion, there’s something undeniably captivating about a backless dress. The way it reveals just the right amount of skin can make a statement that speaks of sensuality and style. The twist in this tale? You can make one yourself with a few simple supplies and a touch of creativity. The twisted straps that drape the outfit affirm that seduction lies in relaxation, quite naturally.

Supplies You’ll Need

– 1.70 meters of silk jersey 1.10 meters wide: The choice of fabric is crucial for the flow and comfort of the dress. Silk jersey offers both elegance and comfort.

– 0.70 meters of silk satin 1.40 meters wide (Bouchara): Silk satin provides a luxurious touch and a beautiful contrast to the jersey.

– 2.30 meters of flexible elastic 8 mm wide: Elastic bands ensure the dress fits perfectly to your body’s contours.

If you opt for a thin fabric other than jersey, consider reducing the width of the skirt and front straps slightly to maintain the dress’s integrity.

Crafting Your Backless Dress

1. Prepare the elastics: To ensure that the three elastics lay flat, cross their ends and close them securely.

2. Stitch the skirt sides: Stitch the sides of the skirt 5 mm from the edge, then overcast the seams together. Stop overcasting 8 cm from the top of the left side.

3. Create the slide: Fold a 1 cm tuck, followed by a 4.5 cm slide at the top of the skirt. Stitch the bottom of the slide, then make two stitches 1.5 cm apart.

4. Assemble the straps: Overlap one satin “strap” and one end of the stockinette “strap” against each other and stitch their sides. Turn the straps right side out, iron them, and overcast their ends.

5. Pin the straps: Mark the front and back middles with a dot. Cross the straps in front by 6 cm and pin them. Pin the straps under the skirt in front, end against end, approximately 1 cm from the sides of the skirt, center front to center front, and the bottom against the second seam of the slide.

6. Gather and stitch: Gather and stitch the straps on the first stitch, then 2 mm from the top of the front.

7. Thread the elastics: Open the seam on the left side in the three slides using small fine scissors. Pass an elastic band through each slide and close it according to the measurement of your torso.

8. Twist the straps: Twist the straps by bringing the side towards the middle. Sew the ends of the straps by hand under the back slider on either side of the center back. Secure the start of the twist of the straps with a stitch.

9. Finish the skirt: At the bottom of the skirt, iron a 1 cm tuck, then a 4 cm hem. Stitch the hem for a polished finish.

Creating your own backless dress with twisted straps is a project that combines style, comfort, and sensuality. Once you’ve completed this elegant piece, you’ll be ready to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. Enjoy the craft, and embrace the allure of your uniquely designed backless dress!